Autumn mosaic ideas

Make fun mosaic mushrooms

Cover big styrofoam mushroom with red (approx. 250 g) and white (approx. 250 g) softglass mosaic, and add mini gems (50 g) on mushrooms cap. Cover little styrofoam mushrooms with brown (cap approx. 100 g) and light brown (leg and under cap about 100 g) ottoman glass mosaic. Glue pieces with Olba- or Silicone glue, grout the mushrooms with white or grey grout.

Atmospheric mosaic lanterns for dark nights


We have a wide range of glass lanterns and translucent glass materials for lanterns. Here are some: 

tiffany glass 1x1cm
translucent puzzle mosaic
soft glass, clear
smalti, translucent
mini nuggets

Choose a bright, frost-proof glue for the lanterns to succeed, like Silicone- or Olba glue.

How to make a mosaic lantern:


Spread the glue a small area directly to the lantern and press the pieces into the glue. Avoid getting the glue on your fingers or to the top of the pieces. If you want, you can easily cut glass and smalti with wheeled nippers, remember to use safety glasses. 


Let the mosaic dry well. Put the protective gloves in your hands and mix water and powder well according to the instructions and start grouting. Spread the grout carefully on the mosaic with grout rubber. Keep doing this until all areas have been covered in grout. Let dry some minutes and clean the mosaic first with sponge. For smaller projects you can sometimes omit this step. Next, clean the mosaic carefully with a dry rag. Let the mosaic dry well for a few hours. You mosaic lantern is ready!

Cheerful mosaic pumpkins

Cover styrofoam pumpkins with different orange glass mosaics and grout them. If you make the holes for the eyes and mouth, you can put the LED light inside the pumpkin.

Cheerful autumn for everyone!