Micro Glass Cubes: 4.8mm

Glass Micro Cubes are made from recycled glass and mineral pigments are used for dyeing. Match well with all glass mosaics. The product is UVA and frost resistant, so it can be used in all weather conditions. Each piece is 4.8 x 4.8 mm wide. Pieces are slightly convex, with a thickness approx. 4 mm in the center, no sharp edges. If necessary, Micro Cubes can be cut into even smaller pieces. Pack size: 10 g, with about 60 pieces. Available in several color shades.
These mosaic tesseras are excellent when doing mosaic jewelery, here you find a large range of JEWERLY ACCESSORIES, there you can find also mosaic jewerly ideas. The must have, Sticky Stick is easy to use and very handy tool to help you to pick up small mosaic tesseraes with great ease. It also avoids getting glue all over your fingers.

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